Virtual Sunflower Stand

What are seed grants?

Seed grants are small grants that our organization will provide to medical and/or scientific researchers to investigate specific projects related to Malan syndrome. The hope is that the findings generated from seed grants will provide new insights into what causes the health conditions associated with Malan syndrome and can be used by researchers to apply for larger, externally funded grants. 

How does the "sunflower stand" work?

After you make a donation, no actual sunflowers will be mailed to you. However, you will receive a very special "thank you" video and, if you provide your mailing address, we will send you sunflower seeds to plant for next year!

Single Sunflower

$10 donation

Click Donate button below:

Sunflower Bouquet

$25 donation

Field of Sunflowers

$100 or more donation


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