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The Medical and Scientific Advisory Board assists the Foundation in understanding and interpreting clinical and scientific research related to Malan syndrome. An additional role of the Advisory Board is to review research proposals. As part of our mission, the Malan Syndrome Foundation is committed to supporting research investigating the underlying causes of Malan syndrome and treatment for this disorder. We hope to accomplish this by awarding research grants from our charitable fundraising efforts. 

Click on the names below to be directed to their professional web pages.

FAHRNER_JILL_faculty photo 2014.jpg

Jill A. Fahrner, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins Hospital

gronostajski, rich - 1412-Lsequencers (2).jpg

Richard Gronostajski, PhD
Professor Emeritus
University at Buffalo

Jacqueline Harris headshot.jpg

Jacqueline Harris, MD, MS
Kennedy Krieger Center; Johns Hopkins Hospital

Leonie Menke.jpg

Leonie Menke, MD, PhD
Amsterdam University Medical Center

Piper 5142px 06.jpg

Michael Piper, PhD
University of Queensland

Malan Syndrome Foundation11-01.jpg

Manuela Priolo, MD
Antonio Cardarelli Hospital Naples, Italy

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